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Ngurrara Pty Ltd is a 100% owned and operated Pilbara Aboriginal business formed by the joint venture of Five Aboriginal companies with proven experience on the Resource and Civil Construction Projects.

Our Shareholders are equal participants, and the company is governed by a Board of Directors. The member companies have community linkages to the Banjyma and Kariyarra in the Pilbara region.

Our Shareholder companies are:

Koodaideri Contracting Services

Total Development (Aust)

Kajarinya Training Assessment Services

Trakka Contracting Services

Toddy’s Plant Hire

Ngurrara provides Shareholders a platform to deliver projects across the Resources Sector creating enhanced Aboriginal and local community participation.

Ngurrara features include:

  • 100% Aboriginal ownership;
  • Significant Aboriginal workforce;
  • Comprehensive fleet of earthworks and civil equipment;
  • Capacity and capability to deliver a diverse range of mining and infrastructure services.


Ngurrara is committed to working in a collaborativE manner to deliver:

  • Road maintenance including Grading &, Dust Suppression
  • Civil works including Road Building
  • Material handling
  • Minor Civil works including installation of Bollards, construction of traffic management devices including roundabouts
  • Material recycling

The focus of Ngurrara is the pooling of resources and expertise of its Shareholders to leverage the combined capabilities and benefits for their respective businesses.

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