Ngurrara Safety Summit

Ngurrara Safety Summit

Our Inaugural Safety Summit

To begin our new year’s journey, we brought together our Directors, Our Executives, Our Crew, and our Professional Advisors to hold our Inaugural Safety Summit.

The Ngurrara Safety Summit was about inclusiveness and engagement, to discuss safe working, duty of care, and to honour and appreciate the work we all do.

At the Safety Summit, the Ngurrara executive team and professional advisors presented important topics such as the growth of Ngurrara, touching on where we came from and where we are going.

We launched our Health Safety Environment and Quality (HSEQ) Standards and our Document Management System to embed our robust controls and our safe systems of work.

We were fortunate to have one of biggest clients, Rio Tinto join our Safety Summit, to have a front row seat to see how we have grown as a business, and to see how we are putting the safety of our people as our biggest priority.

We also rolled out and discussed our employment engagement survey which is another example of the inclusiveness and engagement that we are embedding and embracing into our work culture.

Managing Director / Chairperson Presentation

Our Managing Director / Chairperson, Phil Dhu, presented on important strategic and operational topics, covering items such as:

  • Our capabilities
  • Our mission
  • Our vision
  • Our values
  • Our hierarchy
  • Our origins and our future as a business

It was inspiring to see how much Ngurrara has grown in its short time, and to hear how our operational and strategic leaders are are driving Ngurrara into the future.

Brad Ness OAM Presentation

We were also fortunate to have Brad Ness OAM, present on his amazing journey, from losing the bottom half of his leg during a workplace incident, through to representing his Country and winning world championships and gold medals in the Paralympic games as a wheelchair basketballer – Brad’s inspiring message was resounding to everyone in attendance about the important of safety, looking after your mates and striving through adversity to achieve your goals.

We thank Brad for sharing his amazing story with us.

You can find out more about Brad’s journey and his motivational speaking by visiting his profile below:

Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) Presentation

Our HSE Management Advisor, Ryan Kennedy, presented on important HSEQ topics such as:

  • Putting safety first
  • Setting the tone on safety
  • The process for sustaining safety in the workplace
  • Legal responsibilities
  • Duty of care
  • Learning from our mistakes
  • Risk management

The message that we took away was that to allow Ngurrara to provide a workplace with long term career opportunities that can care and develop its people, we must first consistently deliver Safe and Quality work, as this builds trust in our capabilities and client support for the expanding of our operations.

To be successful, we must first be clear about our legal requirements with regards to workplace safety, determine the culture we want to have in the business and then understand how to use our Safe Systems of Work.

Managed Documents Presentation

Our Corporate Services Management advisor, David Dhu, presented on document management practices covering important records management topics such as:

  • What managed documents are
  • What controlled documents are
  • Version control
  • Document naming conventions
  • Access control
  • Folder structures
  • Cloud based records
  • Workflows and lifecycles of document management

The message we took away was that managed documents provides a simplistic and user-friendly storage location for all business value documents and records, promotes a simple method of the sharing of information management, promotes security and cyber controls and ensures that the latest version of a document is always available and easily viewable.

This presentation was the roll-out of our HSEQ Documents and Records Management system.

Business Development Executive Presentation

Our Business Development Executive, Peter Todd, presented on important operational topics, covering item such as:

  • Our services
  • Our clients
  • Our growth
  • Our horizon plans
  • SWOT analysis to complement our growth and horizon plan
  • Focus groups
  • Action plans

The message we took away was that Ngurrara is in a very good position, and the future for Ngurrara is bright as we are on track with our growth and sustainability plans, and we look forward to continuing this journey together.

Company Secretary Presentation

Our Company Secretary, Steven Ong CPA, presented on important strategic and operational topics such as:

  • Board governance
  • Responsibilities of all Ngurrara representatives
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Employee Relations
  • Employee engagement and surveys

The message we took away was the importance of understanding that our people are our best assets and that their safety and their wellbeing are paramount and the highest priority to reaching our goals together.

This was also evident in the results of our first employee engagement survey, where our best assets (our people) gave us vital feedback to understand what we are doing well, and areas where we need to improvement, as an employer.

Our Values - A Group Session

We held a group session to discuss our values and what they mean to us, and to share ideas on how we can work together to achieve our values and what they represent to us, individually and as a team.

The message we took away was that our values are in action, and they are correct and well represented.

An Annual Event

The Safety Summit will become an annual event to ensure that Ngurrara stay true to our mission, our vision and our values, and to continue on our growth and sustainability journey.

Most importantly though, to ensure that we continue our commitment of inclusiveness, engagement and looking after the safety and wellbeing of our people.

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