Ngurrara – Continuing Our Journey

Ngurrara – Continuing Our Journey

A Message from the Chairperson / Managing Director

I am proud to present a wrap-up of our 2022 year and a look ahead to our 2023 year of operations.

Our 2022 year of operations presented us with a fantastic opportunity to steady our vision and progress our growth and horizon plans.

We included a new value into our mission and vision statement, which was ‘Work and Culture’ to embed our Commitment to effective communication and promoting positive workplace culture.

We engaged a diverse workforce to drive our operations, including on-boarding an experienced Operations Manager, Training Manager, and Project Manager to provide leadership on-site and steady our projects and look after the wellbeing and competencies of our crew.

We have worked on an exciting training alliance plan with one of our shareholder companies, Kajarinya, which is all about upskilling and training our people to be the foremost experts in their field and to celebrate their successes in growing their capabilities.

We developed safe working systems, human resources systems, marketing and branding networks and quality governance structures to drive our continuous improvement model.

We captured and approved our organisational hierarchy and endorsed an employee engagement survey to understand we are at as an employer from the people that work to achieve our goals, our staff.

We developed several processes to sustain our Employee Relations processes, including an employee handbook, a workplace induction, an organisational hierarchy, and a suite of new forms and protocols

We developed a RASCI Matrix to assist us and everyone else on understanding the areas of responsibility, and this will be utilised to ensure that everyone understands their roles within Ngurrara. RASCI stands for:

  • Responsible
  • Accountable
  • Support
  • Consultation, and
  • Informed

which are the beginning to end processes and authorities for all works and tasks.

To complement our safe systems of work, we have authorised an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for our staff and our support providers to access, as we recognise (and we will champion) that a healthy work-life balance is a vital part to safety and the retention of our people.

We updated our capability statement following our series of co-design workshops with our professional advisors, executive team, and board of directors to promote our combined skills and experience as a business.

You can access our capability statement by scanning the QR code below.

We deployed our website and social media platforms as a means to get the word out about our business and our capabilities.

We procured our own plant and lights vehicles, achieving a fantastic sustainable milestone.

We are actively engaging in tendering to continue our growth and horizon aspirations.

We recently held our inaugural Safety Summit to underpin our safe systems of work, to kick-start of new year of operations.

News from around the Sites

BHP Projects

  • We won and completed the EScats Project
  • We won the TLO Project and will work to complete this exciting opportunity at Yandi

Rio Projects

  • Won the Sustaining Capital Project and will work to complete this exciting opportunity at Koodaideri (Gudai-Darri)
  • We achieved Category 3 compliance and can perform works across all Rio Tinto sites

Ngurrara Training Alliance Plan

Ngurrara-Kajarinya is a wholly Indigenous owned and operated training company, which provides high quality accredited and employment ready training. Ngurrara-Kajarinya specialises in the development of site-specific tailored training designed to meet individual and industry needs and requirements.

Ngurrara-Kajarinya seeks to facilitate the growth of indigenous employment and strengthen the capabilities of our client’s existing Aboriginal workforce and others.

From the inception of Ngurrara, we have trained over 50 people across a variety of civil construction competencies, including operation of water carts, forklifts, rollers,  tipper trucks, wheel loaders, tool carrier, grader, excavator, haul truck, service truck, light vehicle and skid steer.

We have been fortunate to have taught an array of skills and safe systems of work to established operators and also to learners just starting out and beginning their careers.

Through the Kajarinya / Ngurrara Training Alliance plan, we are scoped and compliant to deliver the full suite of training for the Certificate II in Civil Construction and the Certificate III in Civil Construction – Plant Operations.

We are proud that several of our operators have completed several of the units associated with these qualifications.

Please scan the below QR code to access the course flyer for the Certificate III in Civil Construction – Plant Operations.

Our growth and sustainability model is now in full effect.

We are in a very good position, and the future for Ngurrara is bright as we are on track with our growth and sustainability plans, and we look forward to continuing this journey together.

Ready for 2023

After holding our successful inaugural Safety Summit – our crew are ready to commence our 2023 operations and lead our crew safely and productively for a successful year ahead.

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