BHP WAIO Executive Contractor Forum

BHP WAIO Executive Contractor Forum

Ngurrara was grateful to have been invited to attend the BHP WAIO Executive Contractor Forum at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre on 29th June.

The forum was focused on WAIO’s Active Bystander Programme, and also featured presentations from  members of the WAIO Leadership team:

  • WAIO Asset Update – Cindy Dunham (GM Port)
  • Boodarie Rail Yard ICAM (Fatality Investigation) – Warren Wellbeloved (GM Rail)
  • HSE Management Systems – Damian Cox (Supt. HSE)
  • Takeaways and Lessons Learned – Jon Beet – WAIO Manager Contracts

Some of the safe working advisements that Contractors were asked to reflect on include the following:

Culture of Care:

  • Continuous learning and improving enables us to better tackle risk and put an end to workplace fatalities and is fundamental to our business. Communicating investigation findings and sharing lessons with respective teams and contractors is essential to become a learning organisation

Risk Management:

  • Review the current risks within your work environment. Ask the question ‘are there high-exposure scenarios or areas we can focus on that could have the potential for a single fatality scenario. Do we need to add additional controls?

Management of Change, Rules, and Procedures:

  • How do we ensure rules and procedures associated with fatal risk for our people are known and appropriate controls are in place and effective?
  • How to we ensure we manage change effectively, applying a risk assessment approach?
  • What is the process within your work area to follow when changes are made to work instructions and procedures?
  • What does action quality and timeframes look like for managing change effectively following incident investigations in our workplace?

The Active Bystanders Module was a great feature for recognizing below the line behaviours and what to do if we are ever in the position of being an active bystander and witnessing these behaviours.

Our positive take-away from the Forum was that Ngurrara are ticking all the right boxes for our systems and our safe working practices.

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